Artist and photographer James Lane is a lifelong Angeleno, and still lives in the neighborhood in which he grew up. After graduating from UCLA with a B.S. in Communications, Lane started out as a technical writer. He parlayed that into a career as a screenwriter, worked in distribution in the film industry, and wrote and edited non-fiction books.

He was given an opportunity to use his writing, editing and analytical skills for two years in the preparations leading up to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games; and he served as a Senior Editor on two-volume 1,400 page publication – The Official Report of the Games of the 23rd Olympiad.

Needing a change, he went into the family business – two small companies in the food service industry. He has served as the CFO of those two companies for the last 25 years.

Throughout, he pursued photography. He was first taught in the darkroom by his aunt when he was 14. The image development/manipulation process totally captivated his imagination…more so then the actual taking of a photograph.

An early adopter of emerging technologies, Lane’s practice is driven by expanding the experience of photographic work with the use of depth, translucency, and texture. At this time in his life, he is embracing his identity as a creative person, which was always his dream.